Tip: Always use your legs when lifting, not your back

Bolton Physiotherapy Clinic has been established in Bolton for over 25 years providing the community with the latest in physiotherapy/rehabilitative services. Our multi-disciplinary approach includes the treating professionals of physiotherapists, athletic therapists, massage therapists and acupuncturists all fully trained, qualified and integrated to maximize clients' rate of recovery.

We offer superior physiotherapy and rehabilitative services for a variety of injuries including: Car Accident Injuries,

Work Injuries (W.S.I.B), Sports Injuries, Slips and Falls etc…

We also offer a specialty Pool Therapy program which is operated from the Caledon Centre in Bolton. This unique program uses the beneficial properties of water to enhance the therapeutic effect of physiotherapy and active exercise thereby speeding up the recovery process.

Bolton Physiotherapy Clinic has developed strong links with local sports teams and schools supplying first aid coverage for local

high school football and rugby games.

At Bolton Physiotherapy Clinic, Customer Service and Satisfaction is of the utmost importance. We have a relaxed, positive environment that encourages client participation and a speedy recovery.

Bolton Physiotherapy Clinic utilizes a multidisciplinary professional team approach, providing superior rehabilitative services individualized to meet the needs of every client within our community.